President Gordon B. Hinkley

On Sunday, Larry King interviewed President Gordon B. Hinkley of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I was going to make comment on it.  However, I as reviewed the transcript, I realized that President Hinkley spoke so well, that I should just use his own words:

“With that freedom comes responsibility and accountability.”

“I don’t think religion has failed. It’s man who has failed. Christ hasn’t failed. The Gospel hasn’t failed. The teachings of God have not failed.”

“I see the war, the terrorism factor, as the work of a group of misguided, evil men.
“Their interpretation of their religion may be a factor in what they do. But that is not representative of the great body of the Muslim people across the world.”

“I think that the churches do a better job in many respects than the government does in various kinds of things. Extending aid, the helpfulness, and so on, yes.”

“We love these people and try to work with them and help them. We know they have a problem. We want to help them solve that problem.”

KING: “It’s hard to be a Mormon, isn’t it?”
HINCKLEY: “No. It’s wonderful.”
KING: “Not hard.”
HINCKLEY: “No, no. It’s just wonderful. It’s demanding. Great expectations. I should say so. But it’s wonderful.”

“We don’t dwell on the negative. We dwell on the positive.”

KING: “You once said that you didn’t like women working outside the house. Has that changed? The realities of economic life?”
HINCKLEY: “I think we’re paying a price for it …”
KING: “Explain.”
HINCKLEY: “… in family life, in looking after children. The family across America, across the world, is under terrible stress. We all recognize it, I think. You see it. Latch-key children. Gangs in our cities.
“The absence of a mother in the home is a very serious thing, I think.”

“We believe that death is a part of an eternal journey, that we lived as spirit children of our father before we came into this life.
“That we’re here in mortality as a part of an eternal living, and that we will go on living after this life, purposefully. And that through the redemption of the Lord Jesus Christ, men will be resurrected. There will come a time of resurrection.
“And those who walk in obedience may go on to exaltation.”

KING: “What got the Church involved in genealogy?”
HINCKLEY: “Well, we do this because of our interest in family life. The family is the most important unit of society. And we think it very important to do that.
“And so we trace our ancestry and do work for the dead in the temples that we have, in behalf of our ancestry.”


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