Sound Barriers = Safety Barriers

Whew! It’ windy out there today.  I am guessing we are getting the remains of the storm they were telling me about in
Long Beach. 

Rain and wind.

A very scary combination when on the road.  Not as scary as snow and wind, but scary none the less. 

What makes it even scarier are the sound barriers that they are building around here lately. 

As I was driving to work today, the wind was blowing something fierce.  I had my steering wheel turned 1/8th a turn just to try and counter the wind.  The roads were wet, and it was a stressful situation.

Then I drive on an overpass. Woosh!  I veer to the left.  I need to turn another 1/16th of a turn to compensate.

After the overpass, I start to veer the right.  I return back to the 1/8th turn I was at.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, until the next break in the sound barriers that they put up.  And sure enough, I need to compensate for every break in the barriers.

I know that the barriers help to raise people property values, and make things better for our community.  But they really need to take into account the effects that they have on safety.

Either build barriers along the whole highway, or don’t build them at all.

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