Bush 41 + Clinton 42 = 0

I am a Bush supporter.  What else can I be?  I’m from
Utah.  I’m a Mormon.  We voted Bush in by a landslide (and more).

Right now however, I am upset at Bush.  I think that he is politicizing this situation in
Southeast Asia.

Recently, Bush announced that George H. W. Bush and William J. Clinton would be working together to encourage people to donate money to relief agencies to help with the effects of the tsunami.  And while he said that he believes that the good will of people should be the greatest contributor of money (over the federal government), I disagree that we need political figures to encourage us to get involved.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am grateful for anyone who is willing to help the suffering people in
Southeast Asia.  They are in a terrible situation, and they need all the help that they can get.

But I can’t help but think that this is a political move.  Bush is brining the left and the right “together” to try and raise more money for those suffering in Indonesia and

Your first thought probably was kudos to them.  What a wonderful move that these two formerly dueling presidents are coming together on this one issue.

However, when I think about it a little more, I can’t help but get a bad taste in my mouth.  Bush 43 is probably more interested in “uniting” the country again.  If you remember the discussions shortly after Bush clearly won in back in November, you will recall that part of the talk was that Bush would have to heal the wounds of the nation from the battle between Kerry and him.

Perhaps, Bush’s motives are simply to help out.  But, when you are a politician there is nothing that is as simple as helping out.  There is always some kind of social (or other capital) that you are trying to raise.

Clinton’s motives could also be seen as other altruistic.  It’s no secret that
Clinton has shown interest in becoming the Secretary General of the United Nations.  It sure would like nice to have some humanitarian help in
Asia on his resume (or vita, whatever past presidents use to apply for such jobs).

I don’t like
Clinton, and perhaps my distaste for this project is because of his involvement.  But I am willing to stand corrected if one could prove to me that
Clinton’s motives are truly altruistic.  I would love to find that to be the case.

Bush 41’s motives are probably nothing more than to help his son.  Although, that isn’t exactly a bad motive, the reason behind the help is what really bothers me.  He isn’t really trying to help his son do something good.  Instead, he is trying to help his son gain more political clout.

It just doesn’t seem right.  Many people are already donating more than usually do to help.  Why do we need some project by two big political names to tackle help increase the donations?

We don’t.


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