Moderate Huntsman?


I voted for John Huntsman, and I was glad to do so.  And even with the reservations that I have.  I would probably vote for him again.

My most recent reservation was his inaugural speech at Abravanel Hall.  He said that he does not want to known “as a protector of the status quo, but as an agent of change.”

 Now I completely agree that there needs to be change in Utah Government.  And I will support Huntsman’s call for change, as long as it goes in the directions I cast my vote for.

However, I am afraid that the change his is pursuing is too liberal for me.  I believe this because of a few comments that he made through his speech.  Such comments as:

·        “for with change comes progress and opportunity.”

·        “to fully appreciate our increased diversity, because by it we are strengthened.”

These comments even lead the Desert News to claim that, “Democrats in the audience were pleased with what they heard.”  The News even quoted
Utah’s Democratic Chair Donald Dunn as saying “I think he’s got the right mind-set.”

Frankly, I think he has the wrong mind-set.  We don’t need to become a progressive moderate state.  We need to become the premier example of a conservative state.  We need to become the state that conservatives look to for ideas on how to make their states more efficient, smaller, and less Democratic.

Gov. Huntsman, I hope that you surprise me.  Otherwise, I might just have to vote against you in 2008.

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