Children Left Behind

I ‘m mad at Bush, again.  Granted, I am one of those right wing nuts, who doesn’t like anything moderate to liberal.  But this time he has gone too far.

First, I am not a fan of the “No Child Left Behind” education program that Bush has set in place.  It’s intentions are good, as are most liberal/moderate government programs, but its roots are evil.

Small government is the key.  Federal control of our lives leads to fewer freedoms, and our freedoms are essential to our economy and our lives.

So, when the Federal Government comes in and starts mandating that our local schools meet certain government “standards,” promising more of my tax dollars to the school, if they do, it is wrong.

Not only does it seem like extortion, it is just blatant misuse of tax-payer money.  I pay my federal taxes for the military, interstate roads, and the general operation of necessary government functions.

I am glad the
Utah has already passed legislation, objecting to participation in the program.

However, the real point of this column is not to discuss the merits of the No Child Left Behind Act.  The purpose is to address the recent news that the Education Department paid Armstrong Williams $240,000 to write columns that promote the “merits” of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Their intent was to encourage participation in the program in black communities.  Doesn’t that sound a racist?  Sure black communities are notorious for having poorer schools.  But to target a specific racial group for a program is racism. 

Further, it is a liberal way of viewing the world.  It comes from the mindset that the down trodden need the elites to save their day, by providing them another hand out.  It removes the rights of all to pursue excellence in their own way.

This bribery also disgusts me because if you have to influence (trick) people into participating in your program.  It probably means that there is something wrong with the program.

People recognize a good thing when they see it.  The fact that the black community is rejecting this program is probably not because it was written by the Republican Party.  I respect my black friends too much to assume that they think only along party lines.

The rejection of this program is probably because they know that it will hurt them more than it will help them.  They know that there are flaws in the program.

There reasons for rejecting it may not be the same as mine, but they have rejected.  And now the Federal Government is trying to force it down their throats.

Whether the payment to Mr. Williams is illegal or not, I will leave to the lawyers.  I only know that it is unethical and wrong.  For both the Education Department and Armstrong Williams.

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