Right-winged, Left-minded Governors


You have heard me comment on
Utah’s recently inaugurated Governors Jon Huntsman.  And you know that I stand pretty much on the far right.

Well, it seems that
Utah has a long history of such Governors.  Before Huntsman was the first female Governor of Utah, Olene Walker.  While she served an honorable term, she also was rather liberal, especially considering that she is a Republican.  She has
vetoed two conservative-based bills.  And all indications are that she is the puppet of the Utah Education Association (our teacher’s union).

But it goes further than just these past to governors.  It seems to have all started with Republican Governor Michael Leavitt.

You might know him.  At first, he was the Director of the EPA.  Now he is serving our country as the Director of Health and Human Services.

Now I know that many liberals are upset that such a “conservative” could head these to left leaning branches of the Federal government.  But these two positions have me scratching my head a bit.

Why would the governor from one of the most conservative states in the
Union be put in charge of two left-leaning agencies, with so little fuss?  It’s because he is a liberal in conservative clothing.

Recently, I discovered a list of his liberal track record.  That’s right.  Michael Leavitt is a liberal.  Not just a Moderate.  He supports too many liberal agendas for me to believe that he is a member of the Republican Party.

Why is that?

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