I Came to Work Sick…

I am not feeling very good right now.  I am at work (I usually blog at work, during the down time).  I would (probably should) blog at home, but there is no such thing as down time when you have a family of 6.

Anyways, I was driving to work, and I wasn’t feeling very good.  I got less then a block to work, and I spewed all over in my car.  I felt a little better, so, I cleaned up the car with what I had available; Diapers.  Yes, they were clean and unused.  It was the only absorbent thing I could find in the van.  Wouldn’t you know.  My wife cleans out the van on the day that I have blow chunks.

Alas, I sit here, half sick, mostly tired, and I pray that the phone doesn’t ring, so I can just sit here and pretend that I am not sick.

I have actually had to take a “potty” break, but I wasn’t sitting, I was kneeling.

I wouldn’t normally come in.  But, I am the only person who works my shift.  I work the overnight shift (12:00am to 8:00am).  We really don’t have that much work to do, so it is usually just one person.  So, If I call in sick, then I really screw someone, because they have to work a double shift.

So, I am here spreading germs.  I just see it.  We are going to have some sort of epidemic, because I was too proud to make someone work a double shift.

It actually goes further than that.  I won’t call in sick, because I was told that there is no such thing as sick leave in our department.  Is that legal?  Can they really tell me that?

I know that someone else (who works the night shift – 4:00pm to 12:00am) called in sick on Monday.  They didn’t harass him about it.  But I know that they would me.  Maybe I should have just called in sick, and not worried about what other’s think.  But that just isn’t me.

So, I am sick.  I hope I get over it soon.  I have things I want and need to do this weekend.


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