What’s Up with the Sabbath Day?

I just don’t get it. It seems to me, that this nation was founded on a Christian ethic. But that ethic has become too much of an inconvenience.

Recently, a local news paper, the Deseret Morning News, published an article on the waning practice of closing businesses on Sunday. In a state where rough 70% of the population claim to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am really appalled at the numbers that were found in the survey.

 It appears that 63% of the State of
Utah is willing to shop on Sunday. You would think that for a state that is renowned (or maligned as the case might be) for it’s religiosity, that the number would be the inverse (37%).

However, many people here are following the trend of all Christendom, and forsaking the Sabbath day.

Why is that? There used to be “blue laws” on the records in many of the states that restricted activities on the Sabbath. However, these laws have become ridiculed, cited as being restrictive on people’s rights, and revoked from law.

Frankly, I am personally opposed to the reinstatement of these laws because I do see them as an infringement on my liberty. However, I wish that we as a people, would start to adopt these laws as a matter of our own heart.

It appears to me that this matter of the heart, has become obfuscated, because we as a people are no longer putting God first.

Our desire to have what we want right now is more important that our desire to honor our God.

Our desire to play whatever and whenever we want is greater than our desire to be reminded who placed us here.

Our desire to drink all weekend long is greater than our desire to serve our fellowmen and to serve God.


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