A Soldier from Home

I first heard about the 31 marines who lost their lives in a recent helicopter attack and crash from a fellow blogger.  Frankly, I didn’t think much of it.

I usually don’t.

Perhaps, it is too painful for me to open my mind to the men and women who are dying for me.  Perhaps, I am too selfish to really care.  Perhaps, I am just a heartless fool.

But the death of these Soldiers has really come to touch me recently.

Cpl. Matthew Reed Smith was one of these 31 marines who gave his life so that the Iragi people could do what I take for granted every 4 years.  He was headed to Fallujah to help secure the elections process, so that voting could be considered fair and impartial.

This was a man who cared enough to lie to his Mother.  He wouldn’t tell her the complete truth about what he was involved in so that his mother wouldn’t worry.

He was a man who new that freedom comes at a price, and he was willing to pay the price by serving us as a Marine.  He has always wanted to protect his family, and he extended that to wanting to protect freedom for the people of

Cpl. Smith died a very honorable death, and I hope to be worthy of his sacrifice fro my freedom.

God bless his family. And thank you Cpl Smith.


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