I Want a Purple Index Finger

In case you missed it, the purple index finger is an indication that a person voted.  This is to prevent people from trying to vote twice or more.  It is a special ink that stains one’s finger for a couple of days, and then it wears off.  This means that once you have voted you are marked for long enough to keep you away from the polls for less than pure purposes.

Well, I want one.  I want to have my finger stained in purple (or blue, or orange, or red, I don’t care what color).

I don’t want it as a fashion statement.

I don’t want it to show my support for the war.

I don’t want it because I think it my help my garden grow (oh, wait, that’s a green thumb).

I want a purple finger, for one reason only.  I want to increase the integrity of the election process.

As it stands, you don’t even need a driver’s license (or other form of ID) to vote.  I was really tempted to vote for my brother-in-law during the primaries last year.  I knew that he didn’t vote, so why not just vote instead of him. I wanted to do it just to see how easy it might have been.  But, I wouldn’t do that, because I have too much respect for the system.

Let’s start staining fingers.  Let’s start checking documentation.  Let’s make
America’s elections more secure, valid, and trustworthy.


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