Children Anchor for Local TV News

KUTV 2 News has had what they call an Open House for the past couple of years. Last year I wanted to go, but decided that it would just be too crowded to even bother.

However, this year, when they announced that they were going to have another Open House. I knew that we had to go.

We are a home schooling family. As part of the school, we like to have a weekly field trip. We have gone to a couple of museums, a gymnastics meet, a zoo, an aviary, a movie, and a lot more. So, what could be more educational of a field trip than a trip to a TV news station.

We went early on Friday. I even sacrificed my normal bedtime (I work graveyards). We went in the morning on a weekday, because we figured that the lines would be shorter. And they were. We got there just as the lines had thinned, and by the time we left, the lines were lengthening.

The kids were able to experiment with the “blue screen” (formerly the “green screen”) that the weather forecaster uses. I was very intrigued (I wanted to me a weatherman when I was a kid).

The kids were able to sit in the same seats as Mark Koelbel, Michelle King, and Sterling Poulson at the anchor desk.  I will post the pictures, when I get around to downloading them off the camera.

We saw where they edit tapes, make graphics, and various other work gets done. It was really quite entertaining and educational. If you can get there next year (assuming they do it again), I would highly recommend going.

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