Rocky Reveals His True Colors


Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky “the Squirrel”
Anderson, is at it again.  You can really tell a politicians character by what they do when they think it won’t affect their re-election.

Politicians act on a fallacy that the average voter has a short memory.  They believe this especially pertains to actions that are against the grain.  So, they feel that they can do stupid things as long as they aren’t too close to the election.

Well, Rocky has done it again.  He has managed to say something that is so stupid.  I hope that the

Lake citizens have it etched in their heads.


City proper is about 50% members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).  And Rocky Anderson wins mostly on the non-LDS vote and with a few LDS people who like to be beat with a stick on a regular basis.

This time Rocky has stated his anti-LDS bias.  It is so clear, that those LDS people who voted for him, should have their eyes opened.

In an interview, Rocky reveals his true colors by saying, “Next election, I hope we have more diversity in terms of religious affiliation on the City Council.  Religious affiliation should not be a criterion in any particular race, but overall we need more diversity in almost every respect.”

The Salt Lake City Council is made up of entirely members whose religion is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  So, Rocky’s statement is a blatant attack on religion.

Rocky has butted heads with the Salt Lake City Council several times during his administration.  And I am sure that his main motivation is to have a more Rocky-friendly council elected, and not as an attack on followers of the

Church.  I don’t believe that Rocky would say something so stupid while realizing how stupid it was.  He is probably just trying to make a plea from his voters to help him elect Council Members who might side with him more.

However, Rocky needs to wake up and realize that in a state where the majority of the people are LDS, and a majority of the voters are likewise LDS.  You are bound to have a very heavily LDS body of politicians.

It is not that LDS people won’t vote for a non-LDS person, but rather, that people vote for representatives who are similar to themselves.  Thus, it is more likely to have an LDS City Council in
Utah. Just like it is more likely to have a gay City Council in places like
San Francisco.

My advice to Rocky is to either get used to it, or just get out.  Personally, I hope he opts for the latter.


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