Utah 2, NCLB 0

No, this isn’t a report on the

University of
Utah’s score.

This is a report on the great work being done by our State legislature to kick it back to the Federal Government for trying to control our local schools.  The Utah State House of Representative quickly and unanimously approved a bill and joint resolution that effectively told the Feds to stay out!

HB135 and HJR3 are the stones in the sling shot of the House of Representatives.  They have been loaded into the sling of the House, and the grip has been handed over to the Senate.

HB135 essentially says that the state’s school official should prioritize state fund to be used for state programs, then if any is left over they may use the money to pay for federal programs.  They are also to implement federal program (although not stated this means the No Child Left Behind Act) in ways that will benefit the students of
Utah.  They are also instructed to maximize local control and flexibility.

This is a great law… accept… we shouldn’t even need this law.  We shouldn’t have the Federal Government playing big brother over the states.  Each state should have the right to educate its people in the way they see fit.

Regardless, I support this law and I am glad that it is on the road to passing the Senate.

HJR3 is a resolution calling on the federal government to essentially back off. 
Utah is meeting the (through good faith efforts) the requirements of NCLB through the Utah Performance Assessment System for Students (U-PASS).  It also states, if the Federal Government continues push NCLB, then they should provide the necessary funding for the program to work.

I applaud our state legislature for standing up to the big guns.  I support these moves and it increases my faith in our local officials (which has waned much lately).  My faith will be even greater increased when they pass the Senate, which they have been forecast to do so.

I would also like to applaud the State Senate for quickly and unanimously passing SB59.  This is a bill that rewrites the laws regarding home schooling that empowers the parents and limits the school districts.  Essentially it outlines that parents do not need to seek permission (or exemption) from the schools to home school, but rather, they simply need to inform school districts that they will be home schooling their children.

Looks like another great year for educational success in
Utah legistalure.

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