Illegal is Illegal


I know that they are trying to change the term to something like “non-registered immigrant” or “paperless immigrant worker,” but it isn’t going to work for me.  They are illegal aliens.  Let’s forget about all of the politically correct jargon and call it like it is.

If you are here because you had to hide in the back of someone’s truck, walk across a barren desert in the middle of the night, or swim across an ocean bay in hopes that the coast guard doesn’t catch you until you hit land, or any of it’s variations, then you are an illegal alien.

You are not an immigrant.  An immigrant follows the laws.  They get papers.  They work hard to obtain citizenship.  They are honorable and good people.  Those who break the law and want to call themselves immigrants dishonor the many people who have earned the title.

Frankly, if you are too lazy to get a Visa, apply for asylum, or at the least marry an American, then you don’t deserve the rights and privileges of American citizenship.  But you do deserve the title of illegal alien.

For once,
Utah is moving in the right direction on the issue of illegal aliens.  The Senate has just passed
SB227.  This is a law that starts us in the direction of cleaning up a mistake that was created by previous legislative officials.  This law cancels all driver licenses that were issued to illegals on July 1, 2005.  Then those licenses will be replaced (I believe and hope only upon request) with drivers permits.

The key difference between a permit and a license is that a permit may not be used as a legal form of identification.  Thus, you can’t prove you are over 21 for a beer.  You can’t apply for food stamps, medical insurance, or other government benefits with it.

Now, I must reiterate, that this is only a move in the right direction.  I would rather see the whole drivers permit removed from illegals.  Think about it.  We are essentially handing over the right for a criminal to handle a deadly weapon.

I hope that this passes in the House for only one reason.  Because I hope that it is just the beginning of many more changes that coddle illegal aliens in

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