Where’s My Tax Cut?!

Talking Utah…Well, Utah’s legislatures have wrapped it up for this year.  And they are bragging that they met their goal.  The didn’t raise state government spending more that 10%. 

First of all, what kind of goal is that?  I understand that many state employees went without raises for a couple of years due to tight time.  But if you just increase spending by the cost of living increases to pay these employees, then it shouldn’t be more than about 3-4%.

Add a few extra percentage points for good measure, and we should have had a goal of not raising the spending by about 6-7%.

Oh, but they are proud.  They are going to toot their own horns over their fiscally conservative adgenda.  All because they met the goal of 10%, but only raising spending by a mere 9%, according to the Deseret News.

Our legislative body had a $600 million surplus, that they had to spend…..

Wait a minute.  Spend???

Let’s get something straight.  That’s my money…  I want it back.

In a state where the population is roughly 2 million, that means that I overpaid by $300 (on average).  Boy the things that I could do with $300.  I would most likely put it back into Utah’s economy (looking for a new home).  So, this would be a good thing.

Okay, I understand that I can’t get it all back, but I wish that more of it was put into a savings account or rainy day fund.  Not that I trust those either, but why do we have to spend it.  I tell you this, if I were purchasing my goverment services through Wal-mart, I would most likely be taking advantage of Wal-mart’s excellent return policy.  Because, I don’t like how they are spending my money.

Get a clue Utah Senators and Representatives.  It isn’t your money to spend.  So, please be more conservative with the trust we have granted you.


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