Marriage Revitalized?

Although presently I am not involved in the field of Family and Marriage Development, I still have a keen interest. I studied Marriage and Family for too many years to count; I have two degrees in marraige and child development. From this experience, I understand the importance of marriage to children and our society.

That’s why when I read the news that the divorce rate has declined in 2004, I got a little excited.

But before I get to my excitement I want to clarify something.  There is an absurd myth out there that says 50% of all marriages in America will end in divorce.

This is an absolute lie, based on the twisting of statistics, to help push a feminist, anti-marriage agenda.  The statistic is based on 2 unassociated numbers.  These numbers are the number of divorces in year X to the number of marriages in year X.  They sound like they should be related.  However, to don’t take into account the fact the most of the divorce in year X were from marriages that start in different years.  This is like comparing the number of school drop out to the number of new student to the school.  The statistics are going to be over inflated. uses a more appropriate figure. According to a recent study they did, they figure that the divorce rate is roughly 0.38%.  Wow, that is a big difference.

And to be honest with you this statistic is a little misleading too.  You see, they base their figure of .4% on the total number of people.  Thus, in a nation of 295,614,625, there were roughly 1,123,335 divorces last year. Still a daunting figure if you ask me.

I just don’t understand why people won’t cite a more accurate statistic.  A better measure of the divorce rate would be the number of divorces based on the total number of married couples.

Is marriage revitalized?  Maybe.  But a reduction of only .02% isn’t much.  And I would really like to see what the real statistics are (which from what I have seen would be around 10%) so that people could discuss this issue honestly.


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