Nuclear Waste? Why Not?

Talking Utah…

Finally, someone on my side.  Blain Howard has gone on the record as saying that nuclear waste in Utah isn’t a terrible thing.  He even goes so far as to make things better for us.

I understand and completely respect the argument that we didn’t produce the waste so why should we store it.  That is probably the strongest argument that I have heard so far.

However, my counter argument is that now is the time for us to benefit from it.  Charge them out the nose.  Charge the states that ship the waste to our state a ton of money to store it here.  If they are so afraid of it, then they will be willing to pay a bundle to keep it away from their state.

You might be wondering why we shouldn’t worry about the waste if the other states are too.  It’s very simple.  There is nothing to worry about.  It is well maintained and regulated. Nuclear fallout just isn’t going to happen.

My father-in-law worked at the nuclear waste disposal in the southeast corner of the state of Washington.  He is exposed to more radiation on the days he is off nuking a frozen dinner, than he is exposed to at work.  So, simply put, our fears are based on a false assumption.  Howard, a physicist, even argues that what does radiate from the chemicals could be good for us.

You might also be concerned that the nuclear waste in Utah might make us a larger target for attack, especially in the post 9.11 era.  This is a fallacy that we can both benefit from.

It’s a fallacy, because Utah doesn’t have the population to be a target.  If you are going to hit the U.S. hard, then you would target, Los Angelos, New York City, or Miami.  Not Salt Lake City.  Frankly, if we got hit, it wouldn’t put the U.S. in any dire straits.  Sorry all you fellow Utah lovers.  It’s true.  This may be the greatest state in the Union, but it isn’t the greatest strategical military target.

So, if we aren’t a target, how can we benefit from it.  We simply use the placement of the waste as a tool to increase the need of Hill Airforce Base and Camp Williams.  Prehaps, even increase the funding for military programs.  All in the name of protecting the waste that is in our back yard.

It’s simple.  Let the Goshute Indians have the nuclear waste disposal.  We will benefit greatly, and at very little cost.  And the cost we do incure we can bill back to the states that are shipping it to us.

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