Eliminating Welfare (Compassionately)

Steve Urquhart argues that when it comes to increasing funding for education in Utah, there are basically only three ways. Of these three, ways he mentions that money could be diverted from the Health and Human Services Departments. I say, “Do it!”

Many legislators would do this for one simple reason. If they did, they would be painted as heartless, uncompassionate, money hoarders. So, the real dilemma is how to reduce the money spent on welfare, and save face as a legislator.

Here is my suggestion on how to divert money from these programs, while keeping your “nose” clean:

1) Privatize these programs. Offer up state contracts for these programs. However, these contracts will be with a stipulation (see step 2).

2) Slowly reduce the amount of funding offered to these programs. Perhaps, make it a 10 year contract, that will slowly reduce the amount of money the contract will receive over the 10 years.

3) Provide ways and incentives for these private organizations to solicit donations.

4) Create incentives for people to donate their private funds to these private organizations (perhaps tax credits).

5) After the 10 years, eliminate all, if not, most of the state funding for these programs.

6) Over time decrease the taxes that you charge individuals. Then each individual could donate the funds through their own free will to these organizations.

Although, Mr. Urquhart is requesting that this money be used to divert money into education. I think we are spending enough, and that we should give the money back to who it belongs.


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