One Sentence

It’s funny yesterday, I couldn’t get inspired to blog on anything and today, I can’t decided which of the various items I should blog on.  so, I thought that I would play a little game.  I will give the link to an article then, I will respond to it with one sentence.  The thing is that sentence needs to express my total reaction to the article.

Utahn dies in vehicle explosion in Baghdad – see also Salt Lake Tribune
God bless you, your family, the people you protected and faught for in Iraq because we are ever greatful for your sacrifice.

ATF revisits man who lost fingers in 2002 blast – see also Deserent News
It is time to definitely reconsider if Riverton is the place I want to move to.

Driving card spurs questions, tears in Salt Lake – see also Salt Lake Tribune
Why weren’t the police and INS there checking Visas and issuing deportation paperwork?

Governor suggests new wrinkle for financing of stadium – see also Deseret News
If they can afford to by a soccer team, why can’t they afford to build their own stadium?

Nuclear storage battle fires up
I agree with the scientist on this.

Bikini Cuts to open in Utah County
The near by real hair cutting salons are excited to get the “repair” business.

Parents setting online rules for kids
It’s good to know, that parents are still doing there job.

Well, That’s about it.


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