Our Family Devotional

I recently had a friend ask me what we do for family devotionals, and that struck me that people probably do many different things. So, I would like to take you through a journey of how our family devotional has developed. I would also like for you to share your devotional ideas.

We Started our family devotionals when Amanda was about 2 years old. It was simple (it had to be, she was 2). We would have a quick prayer (we prayed first to provide the opportunity to invite the Spirit to help us as we studied the scriptures), then we would read one verse per person from the Book of Mormon. Amanda would simply repeat the words that we told her.

As our children got older, we have continued with the one verse per person rule, but instead of only three verses, we now read five verses a day (Avery isn’t quite to the point that she will repeat what we tell her). It has taken us almost 8 years now to get to 4 Nephi (roughly 468 pages).

About 3 or 4 years ago, Sandy suggested that we sing a hymn or primary song with our devotionals. I was rather reluctant. I don’t sing very well, and I thought that it would be embarrassing. However, I agreed and reluctantly sang with them. Now it is a very common part of our devotional. I don’t think it would be devotional if we didn’t have the song.

Now that we are home schooling, we have added a couple more items to our devotionals. We start the devotional at the beginning of each school day, after the song and prayer, we stand and offer the pledge of allegiance, then we practice (or recite) a scripture mastery verse. At first the scripture mastery verses were the 13 Articles of Faith, but now we are working from the Seminary list of Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery verses. Although the original plan was to work on a new verse every week, sometimes we need an extra week for the kids to get it memorized.

So, the simple break down is:

1) Opening Song
2) Opening Prayer
3) Pledge of Allegiance
4) Scripture Mastery
5) A Verse (per person) from the Book of Mormon

I would like to get your ideas on what you do with your family for devotional. I am open to all for comment (regardless of religion, family make-up, or age). Please share with me and other’s what you do for your devotionals.


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