Utah: Good for Business

Some have argued that
Utah is not the right place for business.  We are too conservative, too religious, too weird.

I have worked for two different companies here in
Utah. Both moved their operations from the west coast.  Both of them chose
Utah for a couple of major reasons. 

The first is probably (I can’t get them to admit this) that we are a “Right-to-work” state.  That means that even if there is a union at my place of employment, I don’t have to join the
Union to work for the company.  On the West Coast, and especially in the transportation shipping industry, the Unions are big and strong.  So coming to
Utah eliminates the higher wage for less work mindset of these West Coast Unions.

The second is that it is cheaper here.  You can rent an office, pay utilities, and hire employees (with full benefits) for less money than on the West Coast.  This is good for the bottom dollar, which ultimately is good for the company and for its employees.

The weirdness of Utah, as is discussed in the Deseret News, is often made as an argument against moving to
Utah.  However, as the people with whom I work would argue.  This is a great state to work.

Here is my brief laundry (is that poor word choice or what) of why:

1) Beautiful Environment.  From the snow capped mountains in the winter to the magnificent sand formations in the summer, this state offers many of the best outdoor activities a person could want.

2) Excellent for Families.  The focus here is on families.  Families are important to the majority of the citizens here and you can always find good, fun, family entertainment.

3) Effective Education.  Although some of my
California ex-patriot friends would disagree with me on this. 
Utah has a great educational system.  We may be near the end on spending, but we are quite competent when it comes to producing well educated students.

4) Safe Neighborhoods.  I may often joke about my neighborhood, and for good reason, but the fact is, I don’t live in a terrible neighborhood.  Even the worst neighborhood in the Salt Lake Metro area does not compare to the some of the neighborhoods in Los Angeles, New York City,
Chicago, and many other major metropolises.

5) Good Employees.  Utah was originally going to be called
Deseret.  The
Deseret (a beehive) is a symbol of industry and hard work.  It is a long heritage of Utahns to work hard.  We take that into our work lives as well as our personal lives.

So, if you are a business looking to save a little money and you are open to relocating, consider
Utah.  It’s a pretty, great state (a little pun for you long term Utahns).

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