Blogging Matters

As if blogging isn’t self-centered enough of an activity, I am going to indulge myself today.  Steve Urquhart in this blog is really talking about me.  Well, okay it’s not the whole blog.  Just one sentence in the first paragraph.  It reads: “I’ve received some input since then and have come up with a few areas of targeted improvement — further privatization of administration (and, as an incentive, sharing the savings with the companies we contract with) and reduction in frivolous utilization.”

You see Urquhart was blogging at Times & Seasons, and he wrote about education funding. And I decided that I wanted a school named after me, so I commented back to him.  I actually copied the comments here at this site.  But had a little further online discussion than is available on this site.  Check out comments #14, #17, #20, and #21.

Well, I took him up on his invitation to call him off-line (see comment #21).  I don’t know if he was expecting me to do so.  But I did.  I am that serious, about limiting the size of government.

We had a pleasant 15-20 minute discussion about my ideas.  I frankly didn’t think much came of it until I read Urquhart’s blog.  Where in essence he says that someone (the lonely anonymous me) helped him realize (told him out right) what can be done to solve the budget shortage.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting that I could have that much influence.  He seems to have put our conversation to heart and has done some investigating into putting some of my thoughts into action.

In our phone conversation, Urquhart mentioned that the Federal Government was going to cut back money they have been providing for Medicare.  And the Salt Lake Tribune confirms what he told me.

Frankly, although the Tribune article proports fear and concern, I am not concerned about this.  Actually, I am quite excited.  I am excited for a couple of reasons.  First, I am excited because it looks like the size of government is on the decline (ooohh, I hope, I hope, I hope).  And second, I am excited because I looks like one of my ideas might become law.  Wow, the power of one.


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