National Treasure

National TreasureDate: 03 May, 2005   —   $19.49   —   DVD / VHS

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My wife and I went to the movies today. Turns out the dollar theater has a lot of good option this time.

We aren’t big movie goers. Frankly most of the movies that are produce just aren’t the type of thing we like to watch. So, when we do go, we go to the dollar theater.

I remember when I saw the advertisements for National Treasure on TV. I thought, “Wow! That looks like a good show. Too bad it will probably be rated R.” We just don’t do anything rated R in our home. I was shocked to see the PG rating at the end of the commercial.

I was almost tempted to see it in the regular theater. But that was Christmas time and I had other things that needed to be bought.

Well, after having seen the show, I have to say that although the premise is a little flimsy and the flow seems rather abrupt. This was a good show. It was worth my wife and my time.

The most important aspect of this show is that it was a well produce show with good actors, and it was geared towards adults without any explicit sex, sexual innuendo, or gratuitous violence. Yet, you were captivated and cheering for the good guy, and yearning for the romance.

We need more shows like this. And based on the sales figures, I am not the only one to agree.


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