Helaman Academy

I have mentioned before that we (my wife and I, more she than I) home school our children.

The name of our home school is Helaman Academy. It is named after the Book of Mormon prophet Helaman. He was a great military leader, and worked with many young soldiers in many of the battles that he faught. Thus, our school mascot is the stripling warrior.

We also have school flag. Hopefully, I will get the kids to explain it on the site

Anyway, As part of our homeschooling, our children are required to do a journal entry.

The journal entry doesn’t have to be about their day. It can be anything as long as they write something. We allow the children to do this on the computer. So, I thought why not have them blog.

Hence, the Helaman Academy Blog Site.

I invite all my readers to check it out. I also invite them to encourage my children to write more, by commenting about what they write. But please remember that they are still novice writers.

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