Fourth Largest

That’s right.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is now the fourth largest denomination in the United States.

Why? You might ask.

Is it because of our high birth rate? After all, I am expecting my fifth child. No probably not.

Is it because we have the largest missionary force in the word?  Maybe, but I don’t really think so.

The reason that the LDS Church is growing so strong is because we still stand for something.  In his show, Michael Medved mentioned the LDS Faith as the fastest growing religion in the World.  And he further argued that the reason that we grow is because of our strong hold to traditional values (he did also give some credit to our missionary efforts, which he also praised).

Medved got it right.  I don’t like to cite comments that I can’t at least provide a source too (i.e., a link), but I know that there has been research done, that shows that churches that change with the ebb and flow of society are failing.  And those churches that adhere to traditional values and faith based ideas are growing (please note this link is only offered as minimal proof).

The LDS Church is fourth.  We weren’t even in the top 10 a year ago.  Our strong sense of religious duty and values are what is helping us to continue strong.

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One Response to “Fourth Largest”

  1. Jay Says:

    Armand Mauss did a great interview about this on a Sunstone podcast back in 2005. He spoke on how churches must maintain a tension with the surrounding society to survive. Once a church is accepted by society it is the beginning of the end. The main point he made was that the LDS Church is very good at maintaining that tension (i.e. setting boundaries that counter the surrounding culture) and that is why it is doing so well while other churches are seeing declines.

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