The DeLay Debacle

Normally you won’t find me commenting on things that I don’t know much about here. I try to stick to that which I know. So, I will preface this by letting you know that I discuss the Tom DeLay Debacle with reservations because I really don’t know much about the issue.

It is my understanding that DeLay is under scrutiny because the trip that he took was funded improperly. It is my understanding that you can take such trips, but they can’t be bought by a lobbyist. Well, in this case, a company paid for the trip (completely legal) however, the lobbyist paid for it. The company just paid the lobbyist back. Thus, this trip that is being used to defame DeLay is really just a matter of semantics, if you will.

However, as you listen to much of the “to do” regarding DeLay, it would seem that the problem is not so much how the trip was paid for as it is about the trip being taken.

If that is really the case, then we should start at the top. According to Power Trips by Steve Henn, of the top 10 “trip” makers in the congress, 9 are Democrats.

DeLay doesn’t even make the list of top 25 offenders. DeLay ranks as the 29th in taking the expensive trips.

It also appears that the trip makers are found more among the Democrats than among the Republicans. This is quite interesting when you take into account that the Republicans control both the House and the Senate (i.e., there are more Republican Congresspersons than Democrat Congresspersons).

So, as this issue seems to be portrayed by the main stream media, we should be focused more on our Democrat Congresspersons, than on DeLay or the whole Republican Congress.


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