Speculation Is Not News

We are often exposed to the idea, that opinion (specifically in the form of surveys) is not news. While generally I disagree with that statement. I think there is a news item that to me is far more annoying and more importantly inappropriate.

You have seen them. The news articles about something that might happen.

No, not something that is happening or has happened.

The media is so eager to be the first to publish an article about a potential news item that they will publish an article on it before it happens.

Here in
Utah there are two big examples of these non-news articles that have really bothered me.

Example one. Jerry Sloan might retire.

He didn’t!

Example two. Hill Air Force Base might be closed.

It didn’t!

I am tired of it. If you really wanted to cover these stories you should have published something that was actually definitive, aomething that actually had merit.

Revision one. Jazz have a losing year but Sloan has one more year in his contract.

Revision two. Rumsfeild et al. will propose realignment of military bases.

These are news items. There is no speculation. There is no supposition. Simply put, the facts as they stand are printed.

I am tired of the news trying to incite some sort of sympathy for a situation that doesn’t even exist. Truth be known, I am tired of news trying to incite any sort of sympathy, but I digress.


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