Huntsman Is Having a Good Week

Some might have thought it awfully bold of me to have said, in essence, that Gov. Huntsman is a liberal in Republican’s clothing. But this week, he has slipped out of his Republican outfit and showing his true colors. (Is it good writing to mix metaphors like that?)

But, before I get into that to much. I have a simple question.

Have you ever worked for minimum wage?

Think about it.

Go back a few years. For some of us that’s farther than others.

I remember my first job. It was working in a green house. I weeded, planted, sold, moved, and sweat. The paid be $5.00/hr. At the time, minimum wage was $4.95. Not much difference, but it wasn’t minimum wage.

So, the answer for me is “No, I have never worked for minimum wage.”

Now, think back again to the least amount of money you made. How old were you?

I was 16. A teenager. I was excited to get those paychecks. I loved every penny of it, and it was worth the $5.00 to $6.50/hr. that I made back then.

So, back to Gov. Huntsman and his liberal leaning. This time he is looking to raise the minimum wage. And if you ask the dedicated liberal, they want to raise it to $9.00/hr. That’s good money. Especially for a teenager.

I guess that Huntsman’s plan to encourage corporations to come to Utah is a little wrong-headed. He thinks that he will just increase the size of our malls and retail stores, by padding the pockets on the largest population group with disposable income.

However, he is really going to hurt the fast food industry and the retail stores. But ultimately he hurts our pocket books.

Mr. Huntsman, I am sorry to be the one to tell you. You are not a “good Republican.” And I am sorry that I voted for you. Too bad my original choice for the Republican nominee didn’t make it past the first primary.


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