Gag Order On Google

A few months back, Michael Medved, had as a guest on his program one of the founders of to discuss the merits of their website and program. Buy Blue is basically an organization that lists which companied donate to liberal and conservative caused, thus informing consumers of who their purchases effect the political climate.

Their mission statement reads:

You may have voted blue, but every day you unknowingly help dump millions of dollars into the conservative war chest. By purchasing products and services from companies that donate heavily to conservatives, we have been compromising our own interests as liberals and progressives. is a concerted effort to lift the veil of corporate patronage, so consumers can make informed buying decisions that coincide with their principles.

Well, wanting the be the informed consumer, and be sure that I supported those companies whose principles coincided with my principles. I checked out

While for the most part, I wasn’t too shocked by what I had found, the real kicker was looking at I really didn’t know what to expect to find, but was was thinking that it would either be neutral or conservative leaning. I was quite shocked to find that it was given a 100% rating as a blue company.

My first thought was that I should boycott Google. After all, their are plenty of other search engines I could use. After all, Yahoo has a neutral rating, with PAC contributions going mostly to conservatives.

But I hate Yahoo!. I have hated them for the longest time. So, I gave up on the idea of a Google boycott.

Until, I heard (again on the Michael Medved Show) that google true colors were revealed. Apparently, They banned an ad that leaned politically to the right, when they had accepted an ad that leaned just as politically to the left.

Well, that was strike two.

So, I decided that maybe I should start a partial ban of google. You know only use google, when other search engines aren’t performing like I would like them to (Don’t ask me about the time I did a filtered image search at for cowgirls, and had to shut down the browsers because I was searching for/with my daughters.)

Anyway, I have had to resort to google, about 90% of the time (probably even more). I am going through google withdrawals, sort of. I would be in complete withdrawl if it weren’t only a partial ban. I hope that strike three doesn’t come for a vary long time. Otherwise, I am going to have to start using Yahoo!.


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