I Choose What You Like

Well, today is that last day and it’s pretty close to the end of the day. So, I feel like I can tell you about it, and if anyone chooses to comment, it won’t influence me in any way.

My house was chosen at random to keep a radio listening diary for the Arbitron Radio Rating Company. So in a sense I got to choose what gets to stay on the air. Okay, it’s not really like my opinion is going to have that much of an influence, but you get the idea.

So, for you Utah Radio Listeners here is a basic summary of what I “voted for:”

1. Bob Lonsberry570 KNRS – He is the best local talk show host in Utah. Bar None. My only regret is that I didn’t get to listen too him as much.

2. Michael Medved1430 KLO – He does a really great job, and he isn’t afraid to talk about a subject that some talk show host might find not controversial enough for their program.

3. Rush Limbaugh570 KNRS – Honestly, I am really tiring of Rush, but I can’t seem to find anything else decent at that hour. It’s like they aren’t even trying.

4. Lars Larson1160 KSL – I would love if some station would pick him up live during the evenings. Accept that I would miss him as my nightly companion working the graveyards.

5. Dave Ramsey1430 KLO – This program needs to be mandated for every citizen in America. Oh wait, I’m a Republican, I believe in personal choice, never mind. I would highly recommend that you check this program out, especially if you are having financial problems.

6. Star 102.7 – On ocassion I would catch a little music, but not much.

7. FM 100 – The other station I would turn to for music.

Unfortunately, there are many other great shows that I wish I could have listened to to give them a vote, but it just didn’t fit into my schedule. These shows are:

1. Kim Komando570 KNRS – I was so excited when KNRS added her to their weekends. I really enjoyed her in Kansas. She is the only thing worth listening to on the weekends (accept Michale Medved reruns).

2. Laura Ingraham1430 KLO – She would have gotten some listening time if she hadn’t been head-to-head with Bob. Now the KNRS is airing Glen Beck, I can add her back to my regular listening Schedule.

3. Dennis Prager1430 KLO – When I first heard him, I thought it was interesting, but not worth my time. Now, I wish they would move him back to the afternoon slot (against Rush), because I would choose him first.

4. Michael Reagan570 KNRS – I like him. His politics are probably mostly in line with mine, but I don’t listen to the radio much during his program.

So, while I am talking radio, let me share a few more thoughts.

1. Is Ken Hamblin still on the air any where? I loved him when I was in Washington, but I can’t seem to find any live streaming of his program anywhere. Would love to here the Black Avenger again.

2. I just don’t get Glenn Beck. I will listen to him once in a while, but he is just a little to sour for my tastes. Sorry, even though you’re a Mormon, I just don’t get it.

3. I like Dr. Laura, and I really appreciate the good work that she is doing. But she just seems to be more of the same. And she is losing her appeal. I listen to her when Medved is too dry.

4. Do people actually listen to Michael Savage? I know that he is huge with my demographic, but I find him to be rude and socially unacceptable.

So, what are your radio listening favorites? Who can’t you live without? Who do you wish was off the air?


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