Fabulous Farding Friday: This is Exciting

Wow, I am so excited. Starting today, I am presenting a new segment for your reading pleasure. As you might have been able to deduce it is called “Fabulous Farding Friday.”

Without revealing the meaning of the name (it’s not what you think it means), I will have to say that the name of the segment has more to do with Fridays than it has to do with the content of the blog.

I will also note that the title of the segment was inspired by the good folks at the Wasatch Front. They graciously rejected my idea, and after hours of tears and agony over the rejections, I decided to adopt the name for myself or at least my blog.

So, if the content has nothing to do with fabulousness, farding, or Fridays, you have got to be musing about what I could be doing with such a cleverly titled segment. Well, This segment will be about me, my family, and my life.

Automatically you are realized how much the title has more to do with Fridays than it does me. After all, I am not fabulous. I don’t fard. Honestly, I don’t. And I spend most of my time sleeping on Fridays.

So, the debate started what should I write. After all, I am a very multifaceted person.

Should I write about playing twister with my kids on Thursday night, then watching the very boring “Hit Me Baby One More Time” on TV? (Side Note: Don’t even bother with this show it was American Idol on dopamine).

Should I discuss my wonderful wife and how hard she works to take care of our family? Hmmm… That could get sticky. She reads this. Man the repercussions could be unbearable.

Should I talk about our adventures in looking for a new home? As well as trying to sell our house? (It’s listed at KSL Classifieds). It seems like everything is preventing us from actually getting this going in the right direction.

While, these are all good ideas, I think I have finally settled on this…

It’s a boy!

A boy with no name.

You see my wife has a couple of names in mind. I won’t tell you what they are lest I sway you in one direction or another.

Despite my wife’s names of choice, I have another name that I want. Well, we are pretty much at a stalemate. So, I now invite you all to help us. Give us some suggestions. I am personally open to all strange names.

Maybe I should be selling this on e-Bay. Seeing as a name has become a commodity, consider this a great privilege to get the right to name some one, because I am charging you nothing for your thoughts.


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