Romney Run?

I could start this out by addressing why the Governor of Massachusetts gets more attention in Utah, than he perhaps gets in Massachusetts. But I am not sure that he does because I don’t follow the local Masschusetts news outlets.

So, instead I will just go for the gold (Olympic pun intended), and say that I don’t support a presidential bid (and further more run) of Mitt Romney in 2008 for the Republican Party.


How can I say that. I must be an unfaithful Mormon.

Truth be known, my lack of support has nothing to do with his religion. And it has very little to do with his politics.

My rejection of his possible bid (I still hate speculative news stories, by the way) has more to do with the fact, that I want the Republican Party to win again in 2008. And I am not sure the Romney is the strongest candidate.

He isn’t the weaker candidate because of his religion, and his politics probably could win him an election. He is the weaker candidate because I don’t think enough people know who he is?

Was the 2002 Olympics enough to give him name recognition? Is his current embattlement with the Massachusetts Supreme Court over gay marriage enough to make the Nation (or whole world for that matter) notice who he is?

Further I don’t think that he could win the heart of the people. He is a pretty boy, and he does present well, but I think that he has made enough enemies through his stints of fame, that I think that could turn against him.

I think the better candidate, and I am not sure he is even going to run, is Rudolph Juliani. He could get us Now York. Which would be 31 blue states gone red. Where as, Romney, if he could carry Massachusetts, would only bring in an extra 12. Not to mention that I personally believe that Juliani already has the heart of the American people and the name recognition.

So, Mr. Romney, if you feel that you must run for President in 2008, please note that you don’t have this Mormon’s support. But don’t take it personally, I didn’t support Orrin Hatch either. I do, however, prefer you over him.

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