Fabulous Farding Friday: I am Giddy

It’s time for another installment of Fabulous Farding Friday. And while that makes me giddy. That’s not the giddiness I wish to talk about.

But before we get to the giddy…

I am not giddy because of this: Actually, I am a little upset about this. I am upset at the response that I got. Very few even bothered to repond to the whole baby name thing. Maybe it’s because I didn’t offer a prize, as some have suggested.

So, I am contemplating throwing out there a small prize. It would be a top of the line (i.e., the cheapest thing I can get at Wal-mart), high-quality (printed on some cheap iron printer paper), classy (it’ll most like be an advertisement for this Web site), limited edition (I would only print about 3 of them up because I couldn’t afford more) Gazelem T-shirt. But don’t get your salvatory gland a pumping yet. It’s just a thought. So, we will keep the baby name thing going for another week (maybe two or until the boy pops out).

I’m not giddy about this either: I had contemplated discussing my need for a hair cut today. You see, I was going to talk about doing it like either this:

or like this:

And I had a few others in mind. Believe me it was long enough to do both. Okay maybe not quite long enough for the second one, but close.

Anyway, the reason that I am prevented from discussing that, is because my hair is now the Peter Priesthood, Missionary cut that all good Mormons should have. You see my wife sat me in a chair, turned on the TV, and before I resurfaced from the daze, I looked clean cut again.

So, why am I giddy?

For nothing really. I am giddy because I am finally, after 2 years of working for this company, going to get my own desk. See I am the low man on the totem pole. I am also the hoot guy (that means I work the graveyard shift). We haven’t been assigned a desk because it takes two desks to do our jobs. So, I have floated around to whatever computer was available at the time.

But our office is expanding, and we are getting more desks. This means that I finally have a place to put my family picture. I don’t have to rely on all the files that I have saved to the network drive, just so that I can function. I can actually print them out, and have them at MY desk. I finally have a number to give my wife so that she can call me directly, and not have to go through someone else to get a hold of me.

It’s just makes we want to shout for joy.

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