Garfield Gets it Right

Talking Utah…

I have written about this before in obscure places that you will probably never be able to find. But this is my idea. Okay, I may have borrowed it from previous article published at the Deseret News, and Senator Smoot, who helped get us in this mess in the first place, wanted it to be this way too. But I still want to lay claim to some of it.

We have a terrible tax burden here in the conservative state of Utah. And part of that burden stems from the fact that about 70% of this state is owned by the Federal Government (scroll to bullet point 5, in the “How-Much-Land-Does-Uncle-Sam-Own?” section). It was lower until President Clinton used the Antiquities act to lay claim to more of it.

Well, Commisioner Dodds, I support you 100%. And as hard as it is for me to admit. I support Chris Cannon in this too.

I don’t fully support the idea of having the Federal Government pay Utah back for land it is unrightfully claimed as is suggested by Rep. Rob Bishop. I think that it is a little overboard. However, I think that is just Rep. Bishops way of telling the Government to give us our property back.

If Garfield County receives the right to privatize its land, I can guarantee you that my next big vacation will be to Bryce Canyon or the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Shoot, I might even go to both. It’s a beautiful area, and would do well as a private tourist trap.

It would be a great releif on our tax burden of we could lay claim to what was ours in the first place. Give us our land back so that we can take care of our own. We will take care of Mother Nature too.


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