Fabulous Farding Friday: The Desk Report

Big deal….  So, I got a desk….

Well, I thought it was a big deal last week.  That is until I get in on Monday only to find out that I didn’t have a computer at the desk.  So, I am still at the mercy of sitting at someone else’s desk.

Well, I had the past couple of days off from work (an attempt to make up for the fact that I have the next 11 days on).  So, I figured, no problem the computer should be installed and running by the time I get in today.  NOT!!!!

So part of the joy of having a desk.  Actually being able to sit at it is gone.

Now about the baby name situation.  We now have many suggestions.  They are (in order that they were recieved):

  1. Indiana – suggested by K Jones
  2. James – suggested by Ethan
  3. Dexter – suggested by Dexter
  4. Evan – suggested by K Jones
  5. Alexander – suggested by K Jones
  6. Samuel – suggested by the wife (boy, I really need to update that picture)
  7. Solomon – suggested by the wife (note to wife, if this were the choice, it would be Solyman)
  8. Zachary – suggested by me
  9. Ezekiel – suggested by me
  10. Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, etc. – suggested by Steve (still pending approval by his actions, see these comments)

The suggestion box is still open, so keep throwing them at us.  And the t-shirts are currenty underproduction.  That is if you count my mind grappling with the possible design.

You are going to notice some changes around here.  First, let me point out that the blog roll has changed a bit.  A few poeple have been added, some deleted, and a couple have moved around.

Perhaps the biggest change you will note is the change in the title of each entry.  With v. 4.0, I have lost my ability to increase the size of my title (unless I am willing to fork out some dough, which I am not, yet).  So, things aren’t working like I want them.  But I will get used it.

You may have noticed that the blogging has slowed down.  That will change.   I have been very busy trying to get the house ready to sell.  But I will be working overnights (tons of free time), so I am personally promising a blog a day for 12 days straight, starting yesterday.

As part of this forth coming 12 blogs in a row, I will also introduce a new feature.  I won’t tell you what it is, but it will be as great, and it is as exciting as Fabulous Farding Friday.  Look for it in the next couple of days.


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