Baby on Board, Cigarettes, and Cell Phones

When the first one was placed in a car, they sold like crazy. Everyone had to have one it seemed. Eventually, the yellow “Baby on Board” caution sign evolved into “Cat Lover on Board,” “Grandmother on Board,” and “Reagan Republican on Board” caution signs.

The original purpose wasn’t just so a proud parent to boast of their progeny. The original purpose of the “Baby on Board” sign was to invite you to use a little extra caution as you approached, passed, followed, or otherwise interacted with that vehicle. It was a really strange concept, if you think about it. You want me to act civil and do what I should normally do, just because you have a sign in your window.

Then as quickly as they gained in popularity, they fizzled out, just like many other fads of their time.

But I saw one today on the way to work.

I can only guess that the reason she had the sign was because she had a baby on board. I tried to see if I could see a car seat, or someother signs that there was such a baby, but I only succeeded in convincing the woman that I was checking her out.

And that was not the case.

Because what really drove me nuts about this situation, was that this driver, who wanted me to be more cautious because she had a baby in her car was driving while talking on her cell phone. That’s right. I need to be more cautious to help protect her baby, while she chit-chat’s with her girlfriend about the weather driving at 40 MPH.

But, if that isn’t bad enough, this mom was holding a cigarette in her other hand. So, now she is trying to drive, talk on the phone, and get a nicotine high. When did the evolutionary ladder grow humans a third hand?

Not only was she driving unsafely, but she was depriving her young child of oxygen. Parents who smoke in cars with children in them should be punished. They should be found guilty of child endangerment, and recieve that highest form of punishment allowable by law.

This woman needs to follow her own advice, and be cautious, because she has a baby on board.

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