Bennett/Bush Bleed Blue

By now, I am sure you have heard it.  Senator Bennett has gone to President Bush with a proposal to change Social Security.  And President Bush has given him the go ahead.

Now I am a big support of social security reform.  I think it is a great way to provide Americans with the tax cut that they deserve.  But I think the reform needs to be in the direction of a tax cut, and not a redistribution of pay out.

Now the Senate is made up of a majority of Republicans and so is the House.  But when Bush’s private account plan is talked about the Democrats whine like crazy.  So, the Republicans who should be able to pass this, cower and want to make friends.

So, Bennett leads the pack in cowering.  Rather than do the right thing by supporting Bush’s private account proposal, he proposes a plan that is more leftist than the current tax system.  He wants to take more from the rich and give more to the poor.  Just to make Social Security Solvent.  Ultimately, this will mean more burden is placed on the middle class.

I am tired of our Utah Senators.  I want a Republican that really represents me.  I support any change in the Senate (and House), that will bring my electorate closer in line with my views.

I do have one hope.  And I thought this before I read an article at MSNBC.  And that hope is that, maybe, just maybe, this is more of a political stance than it is a push to get it through.

According to MSNBC, the Republicans are going to propose this plan, get the Democrats on board, and then add on a few addendums which allow for private accounts.  That would work for me, and I would then perhaps sing the praises of Bennett.

My take on it is a little more of a stretch.  I thoght that perhaps Bennett and Bush, where going to use this more by proposing it, having the Democrats denounce it, then in 2006, use it as a spring board stating that the Democrats don’t want to save Social Security.  They don’t care about seniors or your retirement.

Sounds like a great plan.  I hope that it works.  But, I am only hoping, because I really don’t like this reform proposal at all.


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