Fabulous Farding Friday: The Greatest Sport

Well, my Fabulous Farding Friday’s have become too random.  And I would rather they stayed on generally one topic.  So, I am going to drop the baby name thing, at least for a while.  But, we are still open to baby names.

So, this week’s Fabulous Farding Friday topic is about the greatest sport.  Truth be known, I really don’t like sports.  I am not very good at them.  I played basketball with some young men for about a year.  And during that year, I probably tried for a basket over 100 times, and I made about 2.

But there is one sport that I can sort of hold my own in.  That sport just happens to be the best sport on this earth.  And no, Ethan, it is not soccer.  The greatest sport is baseball.

And I love my team, even if they can’t seem to do anything.  The Diamondbacks started out with a great year.  They even beat the L. A. Dodgers 5 games in a row.  I was kicking myself that I hadn’t thought to get tickets to game 5.  I was in L. A. at the time, and I think I could have talked my boss into letting me stay for the game.

I had a lot of hope that they were going to have a great year.  But it looks like they will do just okay.  It would have been nice if Randy Johnson hadn’t moved on the Yanks.  He might have had a lot better year if he had stayed with the D-backs.

But, I am really enjoying this season better that I didn’t enjoy last season.  The D-backs were th worst in the league.

On a slightly different note, I am having a great season on my own fantasy team.  With a little help from a co-worker, I have been able to keep my team in the top 3 and that means that if I am able to keep my position, I should be able to make it to the “world series.”

I actually started out on top and I was feeling unbeatable.  But Eventually I was taken down by the man who is currently on top, and has been with about a 9 game lead for most of the season.  I did beat him in a three game streak last week, and I am hopeful, I can do the same the next time we go head to head.

Well, I invite all you baseball fan to join in.  Let’s talk baseball on this Fabulous Farding Friday.


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