Huntsman and Fox to Discuss Illegal Workers

Talking Utah…

I love euphemisms in the news.  And Governor Huntsman has mastered the art of euphemisms. 

In two articles about the visit to Mexico by Huntsman is dripping with allusions to what is really going to be discussed.  It looks like Huntsman’s economic program is going to get rolling soon.

The Tribune writes: “Huntsman said Friday that his top items for discussion [with Fox] will be economic development and travel and tourism; increasing trade and investments between Utah and Mexico;…”  And I interpret this to mean: “Huntsman wants to talk to Fox about how illegals can be provided travel (perhaps via a tourist visa) to Utah to help increase Utah trade and investments.”

The News writes: “the governor said. ‘I also hope we can offer a reciprocal meeting here in Utah sometime in the fall, in late September.'”  I interpret this to mean: “Fox will want to come to Utah in September, to see why Utah is such a great place for all of is illegal aliens to move to.”

Alright, I am being a little facetious here.  But, I honestly can’t see why visiting with Vicente Fox is “‘meaningful’ — and worth the cost to taxpayers.” (see the News article).  What does the Mexican government have to do with the economic, political, and social well being of Utah?

I am starting to like the Minuteman Project more and more.


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