Red, White, and You

Bob Lonsberry posed this question yesterday morning on his show. I think it was an extension of his column for the day. And I was tempted to call in. And for once, I don’t think he would have hung up on me.

There were two things that held me back from actually calling. The first was that I wasn’t sure I could formulate it in my own head, let alone put it into words. The second thing that held me back is that I would have had to get up to turn of the radio, and I was at the end of my shift and ready to go home and go to sleep.

The question that Bob posed was: “What do you love about this country?” He encouraged his listeners whether they called him or not to share their answers with their friends, family, and other loved ones. So, today I am sharing my thoughts with you.

I love this country because it allows failure. Because if it wasn’t for failure we could never know success. I have failed, and I will continue to fail. But, I have also known success and I rejoice in those times.

I love this country because it allows for freedom of religion. If it wasn’t for this precious freedom (so precious it is first in the Bill of Rights), the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints nay have never survived the persecutions it suffered. But as many know, we believe that the Lord put this in the constitution to lay a path for the restoration of His Church on the earth.

I love this country because it allows me to speak out against those who are in authority. Could you imagine thie Internet and the blogosphere without such freedoms?

I love this country because it my voice is heard. I don’t mean to say that this blog has been consequential. Rather, I mean that I have a chance to voice my opinion every year or two on the direction that I feel this country should take. I get to vote for the candidate that would best represent me.

I love this country because of it’s rich history. I used to think that being an American was boring. What culture do we get to celebrate? After all we are just a hodge podge of many cultures. However, I have come to realize that it is that hodge podge that makes us so great. Where else can you go and find people from almost every ethnicity, background, and language. Well, maybe Canada, but they don’t count (that’s just a joke for all my Canadian friends).

I love this country because if the protection it provides me. We have the greatest military force in the world. And I am truly grateful to the men and women who put their life on the line, that I might sit on my fat laurels and type about it.

I love this country.

Happy Independence Day!!!


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