Fabulous Farding Friday: Wow! Things Have Been Busy

Yes, I know. Things around here have been rather quite. I have been very busy lately. First of all, I haven’t really had a quiet day at work for a long time. A little something that you might want to know because it could be a question on “Millionaire” or “Jeopardy” is that the ocean shipping business’s peak season starts in July and lasts until December. That’s because the retail industry is getting ready for Christmas.

But that isn’t the only thing that has been keeping me busy. You see, everytime we get pregnant we decide to move. Okay, that’s not entirely true. But we have moved during 2 pregnancies and you think we would have learned after the first go around, not to do it again.

Regardless, in order for us to move this time, we need to get our house in condition so that we can sell it. That isn’t to say that the house is in disrepair. It’s just that there are a lot of little projects that you put off until later (you know that later that never comes). Well, when it’s time to move “later” arrives quickly.

So, for that past few weeks, if I haven’t been at work, there is a very good chance that I have been working. From weeding the unplanted garden, to painting a room, to fixing toilets that don’t quite flush right. I have been projected out.

However, it all hasn’t been for naught. Because last week we officially put our house on the MLS, and it is on the market. Now, if you are some creep who is going to use this link to do the unthinkable, just note than when I am at work, my wife sleeps with two friends, Smith & Wesson. And don’t forget that the dog has an attitude.

Isn’t it terrible that we have to put such notes in these writings?

Now, to get back on subject. So, if you would like to say that you too lived where the one and only Gazelem of the new Millennium lived, check out the property and we would be glad to sell it to you. If you aren’t interested, you might have a friend who is. So, pass it on.

I am expecting to be able to blog a little more down the road. We are going to a few changes here at work, and that is going to move me to working straight overnights. Which means that I should have some more time to vent about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness or those who would take them away from us.

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