Got Religion?

In a New York Times news article (subscription required) that was republished on the front page of the Deseret News, Sharon Waxman touts the wonderful job that the media is doing as portraying religion in the movies. She even cites what, in her mind, is an excellent example of this new religiosity in the media.

In the summer blockbuster movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play godless suburbanites and professional assassins. But when they steal their neighbor’s car, a crucifix hangs conspicuously from the rear-view mirror, and in the next scene the actors wear borrowed jackets that read “Jesus Rocks.”

Oh, I see religious people are meant to be taken advantage of and stepped on so that you can meet you own personal goals. Is this really the best example that Waxman can come up with?

Apparently, this is the best that Hollywood has to offer, because as you read the article further you really catch a glimpse at how much Hollywood doesn’t understand the religious contingent that they are now desperately trying to harness. For example, they just couldn’t seem to understand why religious people were offended at the misuse of “God” in the move “Ray.” And they have minimalized religious people’s aversion to R-rated film to everything but the violence.

It’s like they aren’t even trying to understand us. And frankly I really don’t care if they ever do. Because I am sure that their trying to understand the religious contingent in America has more to do with conversion to their perversion than it has to do with money.

What worries me the most from this article is that Christians are a target audience. The article says, “Jonathan Bock, a former sitcom writer who founded Grace Hill Media to specialize in Christian marketing, was hired to help sell Universal’s ‘Cinderella Man,’ Fox’s ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and Sony Pictures’ ‘Christmas With the Kranks.'” While, I haven’t seen any of the movies discussed in this column, I have one bit of warning. Christian Moviegoers beware. What you may be told is a great move for you, might just be the antics of Mr. Bock in an attempt to increase market shares for a certain movie.

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