Steve U. for Utah – Steve U for You.

It’s official.  Steve Urquhart is going to run against Orrin Hatch in 2006.  And this has me a little excited.  Mostly, because I can’t wait to get involved.  I have been involved on just one campaign earlier.  I hesitate telling you who it was because he didn’t even make it out of convention, but I was such a low man on the totem pole, that I am sure it wasn’t my fault he did win.  So, okay, I helped out on the Fred Lampropoulos for Governor Campaign.  It was lot of fun, and I look forward to getting involved with this campaign.

I have already told Steve personally (via email) that I would help him out.  And I registered as a volunteer on the website.  So, I look forward to hearing from the campaign shortly (but it might not be until November based on some things that I read on the site.  I just might get too anxious and email Steve directly, but I am sure that he is going to be very busy, so I don’t plan on being too much of a pain.

There has been a lot said about why Steve Urquhart is going to be a great challenge for Hatch.  Some of indicated that his tech-savvy will be a key factor in his beating Hatch.  Others have cited Urquhart’s respect within the state’s Republican Party.  You could also look at his law degree and other biographical information and use that as an argument to vote for Urquhart.

However, none of that is why I am volunteering for Steve Urquhart.

I am supporting Urquhart because he is a true conservative.  From reading his blog and emailing him, I have come to conclude, that although he might not be the right-wing nut that I am, he truly believes in limiting government and lessening the tax burden.

I am also very impressed by his desire to hear the people.  I am not sure how it will work when he make it the U.S. Senate, but I am sure that he will make every effort to have an ear to the people.  This isn’t to say that he won’t still act on principles, but rather, he will always have his mind open to the will of the people.

I look forward to 2006 with much anticipation.  This is going to be another fun ride for me.  And then I can’t wait until Super Bowl Tuesday in November, when the real fun begins.  But I should keep my eye on the May Convention first.


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