Fabulous Farding Friday: Missing Daughter Alert

Okay, so the title is somewhat misleading and probably is not appropriate considering all the real children in the world who go missing.  But none the less, I still miss her.

My oldest daughter has been at her Nana and Papa’s house for the past week, and she will be there for a couple more days.  Nana and Papa live in Washington.  They invited her and her cousin of about the same age, to come spend the week plus a little more with them.  And my wife and I agreed to let her go.

Come to find out they are spoiling her.  She has eaten out more in the past week than I think she has all year.  I am sure that they are giving her soda and potato chips until her heart is content.  She has probably play more computer games and watched more TV than there are hours in the day.  And I know for a fact, that she hasn’t practiced the piano (okay, maybe she did 15 minutes, but in the scheme of things, that is nothing).

But, that really isn’t the point.

I miss her.

Her smile, her cute little habit of flicking her wrist, her tucking her hair behind her ear.  They are not here.

Granted the house seems to be cleaner (an interesting coincident, because I thought she was the cleaner of our children) and there isn’t any whining an moaning about having to practice the piano.

However, I miss having my girl come sit on my lap like she was still a two-year old.  I miss her laughing at my terrible jokes (I better get used to it though, she will be teenager soon).  I miss listening to her excitement about the books she reads.  I miss talking to her about the Chronicles of Narnia (Can’t wait for the movie, both of us).

Well, I just keep reminding myself that there are just a few more days and she will be home.   Nana and Papa are having fun spoiling her.  And I am sure that some how it will do her some good.  So, I pray for her and I know that she is under the Lords care.  But I still miss her.

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