Mitchell’s Act Worked

He was acting. Come on, we all know it. Brian David (why do we always include his middle name) Mitchell puts on a show every time he steps into the courtroom. I think he is trying to compete with Orrin Hatch for most songs sung in a government building. I can’t wait for Mitchell’s greatest hits album to come out. But I digress.

As the Salt Lake Tribune points out, when Mitchell was being interrogated by the FBI, he acted rather coherent and actually quite intelligently. His ex-wife even stated on KUTV 2 News (check out video) that from what she knew of him, she felt that he was faking his insanity.

But Judge Atherton concluded as cited in the Deseret News that “the preoccupation, distress and impaired social functioning exhibited by (Mitchell) are symptoms of a delusional disorder.” And thus, he is not competent to stand trial. Is she blind? The rest of the state can see through this guy, but the judge cannot.

Alright, so she has more information on the situation than I do. But let’s get it straight. They guy doesn’t do is song bit until he enters the court room. His discography includes only songs that appear to call all of society to repentance. I think that it is time to vote “No” on Judge Judith Atherton on the next ballot where her service is up for debate.

When I had heard that he fooled us all by hiding Elizabeth Smart right under our noses, I had concluded that this man was a very smart criminal. Now, that I know he can fool a judge, I know that he is a genius to compare with Lex Luthor.

So, we can conclude only one thing.  All criminals need to just start shouting biblical verses at judges, so that they don’t have to stand trial, but get sent to a mental institution where the beds are softer.

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