Faboulous Farding Friday: Farding

The most popular search term to lead to my sight is Farding.* And I see this as a good thing. It will continue to drive many poeple to this sight in a quest to discover what Farding is. However, I am sorry to say, you will have to go some where else to discover that. I don’t know why, but there is some kind of morbid pleasure I get out of not telling people the meaning of farding.

However, I drop a few hints. Farding is usually done only by women. Farding has been known to cause car accidents. Farding is usually done in front of a mirror, but the mirror isn’t completely necessary. Farding is not usually an acceptable act in public, but the results of farding is often looked upon as pleasurable, both by she who fards, and those around her.

but there is really one main reason for my use of the word farding. Okay there are two. The first, is because it is a funny word and people don’t know what it means.

But the main reason is because Rush Limbaugh loves the word “farding.” He uses the word on occasion on his show. So, my hope is that Rush will soon say “farding” again on his show, and that the Internet saavy, will be curious enough to search for “farding” on google. And that will result in more hits for this site.

That is why I have said farding 17 times in this one article. Because the more I use the word farding the higher my ranking will be (hopefully). So, here’s wishing you all a faboulus farding friday.

Just as a note currently, the next most popular surch terms are Gazelem, Steve Urquhart, and KNRS (a local talk radio station). Also note, that the only reason that I link to the google search engine is because they are the top referring search engine.

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