Solemn & Sagacious Sunday: Yesterday Was a Special Day

For my readers who aren’t familiar with LDS culture (or is it LDS tradition, no I guess it is LDS doctrine),  we do not believe in baptizing anyone until they are old enough to understand covenant that they are making.  The Lord has said that all people are ready to accept these covenants at the age of eight (D&C 68:25).  Well, I have had the privilege of raising two of my children now to the age of eight, and as is part of or culture (although some could argue doctrine), I was able to baptize them both.

Coeby MaeLynn Grant (yes, it is her real name) was baptized on 6 Aug 2005, after turning 8 years old on 5 Aug 2005.  It was a wonderful thing to see her prepare herself for this big event.

Coeby loves the spot light, and although she tried to act embarrassed (I think her version of humility), I could tell, that she really loved having a lot of attention on her yesterday.  But, I also saw her excitement for making the commitment to live according the Christ’s admonitions.

Her commitment and her preparation for baptism can be shown in her efforts to follow her sister.  Although neither her mother nor I required it of her, Coeby took on the challenge of memorizing all 13 of the Articles of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, something her older sister recently did.  This really causes my heart to swell, because although it seems that Coeby was often the one to cause problems in the home, she had a certain exuberance for the Gospel.

I see it in her choices of books to read.  I see it in her prayers.  I see it in the reports from her primary teachers.  She really has a love for the Gospel, that I know will one day grow into a testimony that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that living the Gospel will lead to salvation.

And, as I am sure, my wife will print this out and put it in a memory book (or journal), I want to let Coeby know that I know that Jesus Christ died for us, that we might return to live with our Father in Heaven, that we might receive all that he has planned to bless us with.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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