A Conversation about Steve.

As many of you know, I am “stumping” for Steve Urquhart in his campaign for U.S. Senator. And you might also know that I am helping him put together a “cottage meeting” (if you can call the local library a cottage), here in West Valley City. Well, what is a cottage meeting with people. So, I have been trolling my neighborhood inviting people to come. And I had an interesting conversation with one of my invitees. It went something like this:

“Steve Urquhart? Like he has a chance against Orrin Hatch.”

“Well, I think he does. He has a lot of backing from inside and outside the party.”

“So, who is he anyway?”

“Steve is the Majority Whip of the Utah House of Representatives after only being in the House for just a few years.” (Okay, so I didn’t know the details. I just knew that it was impressively quick, and trust me I know them know).

“Really.” Said in a way that I could tell he was impressed.

“Yeah, and he is currently a lawyer, for good or bad, I am not sure. But he does know the law.”

“Well, I think that it’s time to replace Hatch. I really don’t think that his seniority is enough of a reason to vote for him.”

“To me the important thing is what has Hatch really done for Utah in his years as Senator.”

“Not much.”

Then we discussed how I know Steve, and we discussed how I feel that Steve would be the best replacement for Hatch, because Steve could serve on the Judiciary Committe and the Technology Committee. And that he could do as good as Hatch on the Judiciary, and better on the Technology Committee.

He will be to the meeting, and I know that Steve will win him over. Mostly because Steve know Steve better than I know him.

If you would like to meet with Steve Urquhart, I invite you to join us at the Hunter Library (4740 W. 4100 S., West Valley City) on Wednesday, 10 Aug, at 6:00pm. If nothing else, you will have a chance to meet with the one and only Gazelem of the New Millennium.


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