Marriage Matters But the ACF Doesn’t

Wade Horn is actually one of my heroes. I know him from is days working with the National Fatherhood Initiative. And I had the opportunity to meet him at a conference on marriage at BYU.

My admiration for him perhaps comes more from former aspirations to be like him. He is perhaps one of the smartest people in the field of family studies, and he is also one of the biggest advocates for traditional families on the political front.

That being said, he only got part of his assessment of pro-marriage initiative correct. Would I be writing about it if I didn’t think something was wrong.

While he is correct that no new money was spent in these measures, and while he is correct that money spent now is going to help us save money later on, and while he is correct about the importance of two-parent married household for children, he is wrong in one sense. He is wrong in the sense that we do not really need a Administration for Children and Families.

What did they do before we had this program? Poor families and their children. They weren’t able to rely on the government to tell them how to act, and how to be. Why doesn’t Mr. Horn address the fact that we didn’t have such horrible divorce rates until his administration was created? Why doesn’t Mr. Horn address the fact that cohabitation was virtually nonexistent until the ACF was created?

Okay, I am misleading here some what. The creation of the ACF didn’t necessarily lead to greater divorce and cohabitation. But, I think that sense of responsibility does. And I think responsibility is removed as government takes over more of our lives.

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