Steve Does Listen

It’s funny how a small thing can really stand out to a person.  And in this case, that person is me.

If you have been paying much attention to Utah politics, you know that Steve Urquhart has said that he has, does, and will continue to listen to his constituency.  I have had no doubt about because Steve has listened to me in the past.  Now there has been no legislation as a result of the conversation that Steve and I have had.  But that’s because our discussion was too late in the session, and I am sure that what I proposed would take a lot more than just a few bills and a few more votes.

But Steve also listens to the small things.

Back in August, Steve posted an ad that he intends on running to help him get elected as Utah’s newest Senator.  But along with the posting, he invited all his readers to “give it a listen and let [him] know what you think.”

Well, being the nosey, bossy, know-it-all person that I am, I did just that.  Check out my two comments, and for purposes of this conversation pay special attention to my second comment.

In my second comment, I specifically state that they might want to avoid using the word “log on.”  Because it might imply registration is required, and perhaps is a little to technical for many voters.  I also suggested that they use the word “visit” because it had a friendlier tone.

Well, he listened.  In the newest ad that he posted on his blog (scroll to bottom of entry, or go directly there), he has changed the verbage from “log on” to “visit.”

This is only a small thing, and perhaps will mean nothing in the long run. However, I think that it is evidence that Steve listens.  Steve has listened to me twice.  And I know that he will listen to me and his other constituents when he is serving the state in the Senate.

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